The Sagiv Group was established in 2012 and is considered a pioneer and a leading and influential group in Israel in the field of supply chain, project initiation and provision of technological services.

About Us

All the way through we will be much more  than an outsourced procurement company, we will work in full partnership, take off your shoulders the burden of dealing with suppliers and companies in Israel and abroad, and direct you to engage in what interests you: Business Core.

Our Vision

Since the day Sagiv Solutions was founded we set the highest standards in terms of customer service and operates every day to continuously maintain and improve the satisfaction of our loyal customers. Our vision is to provide the service that works wonders for every small office and the biggest empire.

The vision of our company reflects the Hagay’s Vaknin the company founder life story who is known for his kindness, patience and giving to others.

We know how to take the existing situation in every area and make it better, thanks to the faith, perseverance, patience and determination we break every glass ceiling regularly, increase our clientele, and lovingly return to the community we live in.

We, in Sagiv Solutions believe that the way to run a company / business / or any organization is honesty, fairness and uncompromising adherence to our vision. Our clients are our partners, they are an integral part of our daily activities and help us grow and develop.

We don’t know what the word “hard” means. Every task and challenge we take lovingly and proudly face. For us, the sky is not the limit either.

Our Clients

משרד שגיב פתרונות בע"מ

כתובת: רחוב לשם 1 קריית גת 8202400
          Lesem 1 Kiryat Gatt 8202400 ISRAEL
טלפון: 1-800-600-800
נייד: 972-54-6008008+

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