Looking for a way to optimize your supply chain? Want to rise to the league of major in inventory and inventory management activities and improve your business performance as you go along?

Your purchasing and logistics departments simply do not deliver the goods?

We are delighted reached out to us and the winning team of "Sagiv Smart Outsourcing Solutions" will be happy to accompany you on streamlining, cost savings and performance enhancement – as we focus on outsourcing inventory management and purchasing operations. No matter what business area you operate in, inventory and procurement processes greatly impact your bottom line – we're here to produce real and sustainable improvement!

Sagiv Solutions improves your purchasing image and inventory management

Sagiv Solutions deals with smart, customized and results-oriented outsourcing solutions, with emphasis on areas of activity of inventory and inventory management, logistics and outsourcing of placement and human resources processes.

Our clients include international companies from the high-tech sector, industrial plants, manufacturing companies, and generally businesses and companies of all sizes and from all areas of activity in the Israeli economy.

We strongly believe that efficient and smart supply chain management is essential to building business success and monetization – just as is the case with the world's leading companies!

The importance of an efficient and smart supply chain

The importance of an efficient and smart supply and production chain can be learned from Apple, the famous and leading iPhone brand maker and Macs considered premium products for everything.

Over the years, Apple has created an elaborate, accurate and impressive array of supply chain and production management, to the extent that these processes contribute to the company's net worth billions of dollars each year, enabling it to produce devices with incredible efficiency along with cost savings and still charge them premium prices.

Apple's supply chain management is located across several continents and business centers and includes tens of thousands of employees – and remains effective, impressive and highly profitable.

Similar things can also be said about the Japanese car maker Toyota, which over the years has become famous not only for its vehicles and huge size in the automotive industry, but also for introducing new management methods and inventing inventory management, procurement and supply chain processes that have created a global revolution in the field.

Inventory management may seem like a gray area of your business activity, something that is done behind the scenes and a lot less "glamorous" from topics like sales, marketing, digital, technology development etc.

But your inventory actually has a direct economic and operational impact on the entire organization as well as on business and financial performance. Inventory costs money – to hold it, manage it, transfer it. Ineffective inventory management simply wastes you money and valuable resources and harms both the bottom line and the operational efficiency of your organization.

This includes basic points such as physical inventory management in the business – order of arrival and departure from warehouses, etc – and to more complex and "elusive" issues such as procurement processes in an organization that find the best merchandise at the most competitive prices, inventory and inventory management equipment, like staff members Engaged in the craft and so on.

Think of it this way: When your inventory and procurement system does not work at full capacity and at maximum efficiency, it is as if you are trying to push water in a pipe but at the beginning there is a clog that prevents efficient water transfer to the pipe.

The bottom line is that you must have proper, smart, dynamic, and customized inventory management and procurement management in the organization, as an integral part of supply chain management that supports the organization and its goals and does not hurt them.

Outsourcing Procurement with Sagiv Solutions

We at Sagiv Solutions specialize in managing and operating procurement processes in the organization in an outsourcing model, of course with a complete customization of your organization, needs and goals.

Outsourcing your procurement processes requires requesting the equipment up to its efficient and fast delivery to you. The service includes our experienced and qualified property owner responsible for aspects such as:

  • Negotiating with local and out of area vendors and suppliers.
  • Full service accepts purchase orders from you to factory / office door.
  • Smart and professional management of contracts, contracting agreements and details regarding individual purchase orders.

 You can also use the services of Sagiv to build a smart, innovative and advanced procurement system for you, including outsourcing the establishment of a procurement infrastructure, your exposure to a large supplier base, as well as assisting with complete reporting and procurement forecasts.

Inventory management with Sagiv solutions

Sagiv's outsourcing solutions Inventory management and enterprise supply chain management solutions include all your needs for great results that allow your executives to focus on the core of their business operations and the entire business to operate at a better operational "flow", thus improving operational, business and financial performance and revenue levels. Outsourcing inventory management with Sagiv's team includes:

In-depth streamlining operations for managing the entire warehouse system in the organization, consulting, assimilating and managing supply chain and inventory management – including proper packaging, transportation and shipment, tracking and order management, inventory controls, producing important inventory control and control reports, as well as our logistics solutions Also include outsourcing of goods transport and import / export processes.

Sagiv Solutions Pros lead you to logistical success!

Smart, effective and dynamic management of procurement, inventory and logistics changes is partly science and partly art, our winning team at Smart Outsourcing Solutions works exactly according to this concept and offers you personalized service, puts you and your interests at the center and leads you to logistical success – critical success To operational and managerial efficiencies and positive business results.

We know the areas of inventory and inventory management throughout and across and are constantly updated on technological innovations and your needs. Sagiv Solutions has an uncompromising adherence to the highest standards of performance, results, safety and professional service.

We offer you outsourcing services that really make it possible to enjoy all the worlds – operational and business efficiency, focus on your managerial strengths, create financial savings on inefficient management and personnel costs, and increase your bottom line!

If you want to see a significant and sustainable improvement in inventory management and purchasing with you in the organization, contact Sagiv solution today and you are on the right path!


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