Logistics and outsourcing

אחסנה ולוגיסטיקה

Learn how to work better, smarter – and much more profitable! how? With our logistics solutions!

Sagiv Solutions specializes in providing advanced outsourced logistics solutions for a wide range of business clients of any size. If you want professional advice, proper logistics management and close support throughout, from storage to comprehensive and professional inventory management, to the entire supply chain – you've come to the right place.

Logistics – an important part of the company's system

The company's logistics system requires careful planning, actual implementation and control always. Among other things, logistics services include managing the actual material, delivering the product to points in the field according to the location and needs it is required.

Our logistics services

  • Inventory management– packaging, deliveries, orders and production of detailed reports that enable control and control
  • Inventory Control – Periodic inventory counts according to exact schedules
  • Storage Management – Locating a warehouse that suits your needs considering the desired time period, space maximization, temperature control, and appropriate vaporization
  • Transportation and transport – Leads shipments to all parts of the country under advanced conditions
  • Import and Export – Customs clearance and handling throughout the supply chain

Personal customization

Sagiv Solutions offers you a complete logistics service envelope, according to your exact needs. For each customer, a custom "tailor-made" package is tailored to the size of the company, the size of the inventory and the specific requirements – so you can enjoy maximum customization.

We don't compromise on quality

We do our utmost to meet the highest standards, a strict level of safety and skilled and professional service throughout.

The benefits – yours!

  • .Focus on what matters –Instead of focusing on providing logistics services, you can free up your time to focus on the core activities of your business
  • Financial Savings –Fixed spending on storage, equipment and manpower will be replaced by variable and focused spending with which you can enjoy significant financial savings.
  • !Increasing Company Profits –As the organization runs in a neat and smart way – profits grow
  • .Quick response – personal service available at any time

Let our expertise work for you. Want to hear more? We are here for you!

Our Clients

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