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Today everyone already knows – the most important resource in the organization is its human material. The company's workforce is one of the keys to its success – and we all want equally good employees. If you too want to move on to perfect human capital – we are here for you.

Knowledge, experience and expertise

Sagiv Solutions company is equipped with diverse knowledge, expertise and tools that ensure finding the most successful and suitable candidates for your organization, according to the job definition. If you want to save time, money and enjoy a great workforce, we have the solutions for you – in two channels of your choice:

1. Direct placement

Put you trust in us with the process of sorting employees from start to end and enjoy complete satisfaction! We are committed to your success and meet stringent service quality conditions, employee and organizational satisfaction, and ongoing quality control.

What does the service entail?

We are responsible for the process of sorting candidates for various positions. The process begins with the posting of the relevant media, the selection of the most qualified candidates for the position, the candidate's support in the absorption process, and all – with full cooperation with the organization and full responsibility for the entire process.

2. Employing on site

Do you want to make your business life simpler? We will shorten the hiring process for you – wherever you are comfortable. We can do this within or outside the organization, in a perfect and accurate process!

What does the service entail?

The process includes finding and recruiting employees while defining the exact needs for the required jobs. Below, we will take care of the employees in a neat and meticulous process and accompany the employee placement and retention process. We will be there for you throughout the process, all done by an expert consultant on our behalf to support the professional aspects of the recruitment process.

What are the advantages to this service?

  • Exploring the organization in depth, what is needed in the field, and organization preferences
  • Efficiency and flexibility, without the need for employer-employee relationships
  • Save resources and valuable work time
  • Enables job stability
  • A dedicated HR consultant who provides ongoing support and provides a link between the organization and employees

Who is the service for?

This model is best suited for companies that want to focus on the core areas of the organization by hiring the services of a professional who works directly with the existing purchasing manager. In addition, the model is also suitable for companies that do not need to set up an in-house procurement system but want to save operating and budget costs.

Debating which way is better for you? We would love to be at your service and provide you with the right solution for you!

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